Products List of Zoo Mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh enclosed naughty monkey

Stainless steel rope mesh of plain weave type is the premium choice for zoo wire mesh which is used to confining tigers, lions or other strong animals.

A tiger in stainless steel rope mesh enclosure in the zoo.

Stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules is found as zoo wire mesh, aviary mesh, tiger and lion enclosure and decorative elements of modern buildings.

There is a ferrules type rope mesh fencing  with a parrot on it.

Parrots enclosure wire rope mesh is easy to install and maintain, and it has a long service life to create a neat space for parrots in zoo.

There is interwoven rope mesh fencing around an eagle.

Rope mesh eagle fencing possesses excellent toughness and hardness to form a totally enclosed space for eagles and protect the animals and people.

There is wire rope mesh with ferrules around a deer.

Deer enclosure wire rope mesh has good toughness and can be arbitrarily curved and folded, and it provides a stable living space for deer and giraffes.

There is ferrules monkey enclosure mesh fence with a monkey on it.

Monkey enclosure wire rope mesh includes many types according to monkey species, and it is suitable for monkey exhibition with good perspective.

There are two gibbons on the rope mesh fencing.

Gibbon enclosure rope mesh is made from stainless steel wire rope that can resist to rust and abrasion, providing a free space for gibbon.

There is a ferules wire rope lion fence around two lions.

Lion enclosure rope mesh always can create a beautiful and stable space for lion exhibition with good transmittance and strong toughness.

There is ferrules wire rope mesh fence around a tiger.

Rope mesh tiger fencing is strong enough that it will not be damaged after the tiger scratches and is maintenance-free.

There is a leopard behind the interwoven wire rope mesh fence.

Leopard enclosure mesh is an important role of stainless steel wire rope mesh that has good break strength and transparency with a long service life.

There is a bird on the ferrules rope mesh fencing.

Wire rope aviary mesh can be designed into various birds cage shapes with good flexibility, and can give a large area for birds living freely.

There is a peacock in interwoven wire rope mesh fence.

Rope mesh peacock fencing is a simple and durable zoo mesh to ensure tourists have a good sight and protect peacock showy feathers.

There is interwoven wire rope enclosure mesh around a zebra.

Zebra enclosure rope mesh is cost-effective and can compatible with modern zoo buildings with simple and aesthetic structure to give neat watching conditions.

Two tigers are living in the welded wire mesh enclosure.

Welded wire mesh including galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel, is the most popular zoo wire mesh for its solid structure and easy installation.

A peacock is spreading its tails inside chicken wire mesh enclosure.

Chicken wire mesh is light duty zoo wire mesh fabricated by galvanized or PVC coated thin steel wire. Available for peacock, small lovebirds.

A monkey is reaching out her hands through the chain link fence.

Chain link mesh is very popular as zoo wire mesh for its cheap price, durability, easy installation. It is often used as tiger, monkey enclosure.

Macaw aviary in the zoo is made of black PVC coated cage wire mesh.

Cage mesh either galvanized or PVC coated is often used as zoo wire mesh like macaw aviary or garden protective barrier of ripe plants.

Tow cockatiels - one is gray and the other is yellow, are living in a small aviary made of welded wire mesh.

Aviary mesh for small birds, made of galvanized and PVC coated welded wire mesh, provides a safe and clean dwelling for your lovely cockatiels and finches.

Aviary made of welded wire mesh provides large spacing for poicephalus.

Aviary mesh for medium birds such as caiques, small conures and large parakeets, is often found in the zoo or houses. Rectangular aperture for easy visibility.

Superb parrot living in a welded wire mesh enclosure, safe and comfortable.

Aviary mesh for large birds is made of heavy duty welded wire mesh. Its galvanized or PVC coating provides enough resistance against feces or urine corrosion.