Ferruled Rope Mesh Monkey Enclosure Woven by Hand

Rope mesh with ferrules is made of stainless steel 304 or 316 wire mesh. What is more, all the mesh are woven by hand. So stainless steel rope mesh with ferrules is perfect for the zoo in particular for a monkey enclosure.

And please be sure for the product, our quality is okay. We not only get the ISO certification, but also one of rope mesh project in Austria win the World Record Guinness. We are the professional rope mesh supplier.

Mesh Specifications for Building Monkey Enclosure
Item Specification Ferrule type weight/sq.m
1 Material: SS304
Opening: 50 × 50 mm
Rope diameter: 2 mm
1.0 kg/sq.m
2 Material: SS304
Opening: 60 × 60 mm
Rope diameter: 2 mm
0.8 kg/sq.m
3 Material: SS304
Opening: 40 × 40 mm
Rope diameter: 2 mm
0.98 kg/sq.m

The advantages of rope mesh with ferrules

  1. The ferrules type is more popular than the normal mesh, because it is flexible. You can make any shape mesh holes
  2. The ferrule type is connected rope wire by some ferrules, so you can link any size you want. We can provide you enough ferrules. It is can save your install cost.
  3. Stainless steel rope mesh installed with the ferrules has huge strength and monkey like to climb it. Just for fun.

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